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Commercial tree experts in the Monroe mi area

Commercial Tree Service Protects Property Saves Lives Creates Beauty Saves Money

We are a new and innovative leader in commercial property tree service. Resurrection Tree Service is fully licensed, insured, and experienced with commercial tree service in the Monroe area. With our state of the art equipment and machinery we eliminate any liability while on your property.

By keeping trees properly trimmed and away from your buildings you prevent damage that will cost more in the long run.

From costly building repairs to settlement suits due to injury, don’t wait until it’s too late!

proud of our values


We have an unwavering dedication to your satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations with every project we undertake. Our plain and simple communication helps make us the premier tree service provider in the Monroe area.


We at Resurrection Tree Service uphold integrity as one of our guiding principles. With upfront pricing, experienced arborists, and plain communication, we earn the trust of our clients, solidifying our reputation as a premier tree service.


Resurrection Tree Service is synonymous with reliability. Our consistent pricing and dependable arborists will make us your go-to provider for dependable tree care services.


We embody authenticity through our extensive experience, genuine passion for forestry, and our adherence to Christian values. A sincere love for trees and our commitment to integrity rooted in faith, creates genuine trust.


We demonstrate adaptability by customizing solutions to suit the unique requirements of homeowners and businesses alike. With a dedication to meeting individual needs, we ensure optimal results in any situation.


We craft innovative solutions tailored to the distinct needs of homeowners and businesses. Our creative approach, coupled with extensive expertise, allows us to address any challenge and surpass your expectations in every project.

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